Aric Videos - EnSight

In this animation we are illustrating EnSight’s ability to post-process two or more models simultaneously and compare their results. The simulation is of a transmission hub casting, solved with FLOW-3D. The original gating design (right) was generating failures and defects in the final product. Investigation of the casting process and gating system illustrated larger regions of "surface defects", where the molten metal was in contact with the air for a significant period of time, resulting in slag and material imperfections. The simulation pointed to the inability of the gating system to appropriately distribute the flow to the mold at a uniform and controlled manner.

The new gating system (shown on the left) has significantly less regions of "surface defects". This new system slowly, and more evenly distributes the flow (not allowing slashing to the upper chamber), resulting in a much more even pour, and a stronger end part. The graph in the animation illustrates the integration of the "surface defect" over the surface of both parts. The high rate of surface defect generation of the original gating is evident, thus providing a quantitative evaluation of the improvement in design. Both models were read into EnSight, and animated in a single time sequence, even though both models have different time domain extents.